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Greetings. My name is Michael and I am the photographer behind this stock site. I've had a camera in my hands professionally for about 5 years now. Starting as a food and event photographer at a nightlife magazine and now ending up in LA as a fashion photographer, I've made my way through all sorts of imagery.

But, why, of all things, focus on marijuana and cannibus related imagery? The answer is pretty simple. I live in California and use marijuana for medicinal purposes thanks to Prop 215 (and as of Nov 9 2016 Prop 64 as well). Since I moved here in 2015 and discovered the healing properties of the amazing plant commonly called weed, I've never looked back. And, as of late 2016 began the collection of stock photography you see here. In many ways Los Angeles MMJ marketing has become my life.

It's been a wild ride of education, experiences, and new friends. Understanding the difference between THC and CBD, indica and sativa, even between 420 and 710 (flower vs concentrates) was just the start. Finding out how each strain not only has it's own affect on the mind and body, but also that each marijuana strain has it's own bouquet of aroma. I would compare it to wine, but I think some people might get pissed at that. But, it is.

So, thank you for coming to my site. Whether you purchased something or not I hope you enjoyed all the imagery I've created here. If you didn't see something that you are looking for, please feel free to contact me through the form on this website. Any questions, want to chat about living and travel in southeast Asia, visiting LA and looking for a smoke session, or whatever? Life is about meeting new people so feel free to reach out.

Curious about my fashion and beauty work. Please check out my other site at www.mwesselphotography.com


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